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•Healthy Weight Gain

•Better Health

•Healthy Weight loss


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All payments are handled through Cash App or PayPal business. Send me your email with your package , and I will email you an invoice shortly after . If you prefer cash app still email me details on package selection ,then we can arrange payment .After completion of payment , allow up to 7 business days for completion of meal plans . For any further questions on programs don’t hesitate to contact us via email below . Thank you and have a blessed day .

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Healthy Weight Gain : This package was created for hard gainers . People who truly have a goal of putting on healthy lean muscle without compromising the health of your body and digestion, through the excessive use of supplements and protein powders . This plan will consist of Vegan Wraps, Vegan Burgers made from veggies and chickpeas ,Plant based pastas , salads ,rice bowls ,squash and more .


-10 meals 24 oz $150

-10 meals 32 oz $175

-Add Sea Moss Smoothies and Break-fast for $75 .


-You will consume 32 oz Sea Moss Fruit Smoothies for your break-fast 2/5 days of the prep .

-The other 3 days you will have your choice of Quinoa bowl ,Sweetened Kamut based cereal or Spelt Waffles for break-Fast.

(Cereal ,waffles and Quinoa are prepared with fruit and nuts)

Better Health : The “Better Health” package is designed for just that . To improve on all aspects of your health down to a cellular level . We seek improvements in everything from digestion, blood health , iron levels , potassium levels , zinc levels ,calcium ,Skin, hair and much more . For clients dealing with any health complications , we will discuss our method of treatment during our phone consultation. This package is 80%
Raw Vegan . As we act aggressive when dealing with malnourishment or poor health as your body is working and struggling while in a mineral deficit . We treat that as it is a illness because that’s how serious malnourishment can be .

Options :

10 meals 24 oz $160

10 meals 32 oz $175

No solid break-fast options for this plan .As we will instruct you on the teas and fruit smoothies to prepare .

Tea +Smoothie prep - Add $60 to your total
(3) 32oz Herbal teas and (3) 32 oz Sea Moss Fruit Smoothies

Healthy Weight loss : The “Healthy Weight loss Plan” has to be our most popular plan . For years many of us have been killing it in the gym with little to know benefit or results to notice . We are completely aware and we have all been there . So we created a package to support your diet needs . We prepare more then enough meals to keep your mind off hunger during your days of consumption. This plan also includes information on intermittent fasting as you will be including this in your daily regiment . Although our goal is weight loss , unlike the other plans . In this plan you will receive 3 meals per day as we don’t want you to not worry about meal prep at all as you push to greater heights in the gym and during your cardio . The types of dishes you will receive will blow your mind . Your plan will consist of Chickpea burger wraps(loaded with veggies) , black bean burger wraps (loaded with veggies), large delicious kale/Arugula salads containing a wide assortment of veggies . Super light Plant based Angel hair pastas of different varieties . Also deliciously flavored Cajun wild rice dishes and Our savory but sweet Butternut squash dishes . You will be in for a treat , while speed walking to your goals . We look forward to assisting you .

14 meals 24 oz $180

14 meals 32 oz $220

No-Solid Breakfast option with this plan . As we will instruct you on the teas and fruit smoothies to prepare .

Tea + Smoothie prep for weight loss Package. Add $80 to your package . You will receive (4) 32 oz Sea Moss smoothies and (4) 32 oz herbal teas .

Short Orders :
Are minimum of 5 meals and max of 7 meals. To further help us meet the needs of your order .

Tell us a little bit about you, are you a new vegan ?

Are you transitioning into the plant based lifestyle ?

Not Vegan , and looking for a healthier source of meals ?

Selection Process :
Based off the items you select , we will have a base on how to design your prep to your best needs and plant based desires .

Make a list of the items you like so we know how to best complete your prep .

Veggies : Select (7)

•Bell peppers
•Amaranth greens day
•Red onions
•Bell Peppers
•Mushrooms (All except Shiitake)
•Plum/Cherry tomato

Pasta Types : Select (2)

•Kamut Pasta
•Artichoke Angel hair
•Artichoke Spaghetti
•Chickpea pasta Shells
•Plant based MAC n Cheese
•Kamut Chilled pasta
•Spelt Angel hair Pasta
•Quinoa and Spelt twist Pasta

Sauce : Select (2) for Pasta and (2) for wraps

Pasta Sauce Select (2)

•Alfredo Pasta sauce
•Tuscan Garlic Pasta sauce
•Marinara Pasta Sauce
•Tomato Garlic Portobello Pasta sauce

Wraps Sauce Select (2)

•Spicy Mayo
•Sriracha sauce (Hot)
•Tahini Dressing
•Vegan Ranch
•Vegan BBQ Sauce

Protein Select (2)

•Black bean Burger
•Veggie Burger
•Impossible Burger
•Chickpea Burger (Alkaline)